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Welcome to the Visual Composer Demo

Follow the interactive demo layout - get to know Visual Composer. Follow the arrow below to add your first content element to your page.

Add Element in Visual Composer

Element controls

Quick options to operate while working with any element. Element controls represent the hierarchy of your page — rows and columns to build your layout and content elements within.

Visual Composer row controls

Row controls

Blue controls to represent rows. Use rows to build sections of your page and divide them into columns.

Visual Composer column controls

Column controls

Yellow controls to adjust the specific column of your row. Change the background color and fill your columns with content elements.

Visual Composer element controls

Element controls

Edit particular content elements — change styling, set links, and add animations to create unique design.

The best websites start with drag and drop

Move elements with an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Grab and drag your content across the canvas to arrange and control your layout.

Drag and drop visual editor for WordPress

Visual Composer interface

You can access all basic options of Visual Composer via the Navigation bar. From adding content to publishing it.

Visual Composer navigation bar
Add Element

Add element

Build your page from content elements, like text block or a single image by dragging or simply clicking on it.

Add Template

Add template

Save time and start with ready-to-use templates. Choose one from the library or create your own.

Tree View

Tree View

With a tree view, see the full structure of your page, just like Photoshop layers.

Undo Redo


Made a mistake or simply want to revert your changes? Simply undo or to redo your actions.

Visual Composer Insights


Get assistance when you need it. Visual Composer will advise on how to become faster and rank higher.

Responsive Design


An option to see how your layout looks on various devices.

Page Settings

Page settings

You can change the settings of your page at any time. Modify your layout, add CSS, trigger popups.

Visual Composer Hub

Visual Composer Hub

A library of extra content elements, templates, and add-ons—when activated, one click away.

Save & Publish

Save and publish

Ready to publish? Preview your page and publish it.

Inline Editor Click Me

Start text editing by simply clicking. No additional actions needed—click, edit, see changes instantly, repeat.

Inline text editor for WordPress
Element design options in Visual Composer for WordPress

Edit Elements

As you hover your content, the element controls allow you to edit element parameters. Adjust the design, apply shapes, change paddings or margins, and more — all in one place.

Design Options

By using Design Options, you can add extra styling. Adjust design properties and add parallax effects to make it shine.

Visual Composer Hub

Your in-built free cloud library to discover more than 500+ content elements, templates, add-ons, and stock images.

Visual Composer Hub Demo
Free Visual Composer Page Builder for WordPress

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